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Hanamint Fire Pit

In cooler weather using your outside furniture need not stop if you have a fire pit. This makes your patio some place special for your family and guests even in the dead of winter. Originally known as a Chimera and common in some of the western states which have a Hispanic influence, a fire pit can be enjoyed anywhere.
The Hanamint line has three versions in their collections. If you have Tuscany, Grand Tuscany, St Moritz or Sienna models, you can purchase a fire pit table for each of these collections. The St Moritz model is slightly larger than the others, but each is available with a four foot diameter.  What makes this a good choice for an addition to your basic outdoor design, is that a fire pit lengthens the time you can enjoy an outdoor outing during the year.
You can also buy some accessories that allow you to cook over the fire, or use the fire pit as an outdoor heater.  While the tables are cast aluminum, like all Hanamint furniture, the actual fire pit is copper lined. This allows more heat to be radiated up and outward from the fire or burning coals.  
There are a couple of safety tips you should be aware of when you buy a fire pit from Hanamint. This is basically a permanent installation, since the cast aluminum that Hanamint uses is so heavy that moving the table take some effort. So the first thing you need to do is to place the table at least 10 feet from the house or anything combustible, like a low hanging tree branch.
Hanamint fire pit tables are designed to be wood burning. While you can use charcoal briquettes, a fire log is a no-no! Fire logs burn hotter than real wood, and fire logs should not be used unless they are included in the manufacturer’s specifications.
If you are willing, some propane suppliers will adjust your fire pit table for their product, and install either a log or coal simulation in the pit area. If the propane company can’t do it, they will point you to a competent contractor. I personally like gas, since it burns cleaner and provides the same amount of heat, but more even than wood. Since the propane company is looking at a new customer, the cost of converting your fire pit table to gas should not be outrageous.
You need to have something to cover the pit. Hanamint sells two accessory kits for their fire pits.  It is strongly suggested that you purchase these kits with your table. They provide a cover which will radiate the heat when in use, or a cooking grate, if you want to use the fire pit for a barbeque.
You can add a lot to your outdoor furniture plan by buying a fire pit table. If you have children, just imagine how much fun they can have by making S’mores during the chillier autumn.